Clean Up Day – 2014

Looking forward to seeing everyone for cleanup weekend on Saturday May 3rd at 10:00 AM at the pavilion. We will have beverages, donuts, muffins and some other exciting gooding. Please come out an join the fun! Let’s make Fox Run look great for the season!

Please let everyone know because the more workers – the more beautiful our campground will be this year (and the lighter the load for all of us).

Later in the evening we can celebrate a job-well-done around the bonfire.

Water and electric schedule

Water will be turned off November 1st and electric off December 1st.

Halloween at Fox Run

Octoberfest celebration at 5:30 Saturday with the leftover hot dogs, burgers and drinks from Fox Run Days. We’ll add some kraut to the dogs for an authentic flair! Please bring a side-dish to share!