Love the smell of PIG MANURE while you camp?


Then NOW is the time to get involved to stop the rezoning of land near Brookville Lake. This proposed rezoning would reportedly allow the land to be used for an industrialized pig operation. The second phase of this process is well underway – so your involvement is critical!!

The proposed site is in close proximity to many of the lake campgrounds like Fox Run (1.0 miles), Mounds (0.8 miles), and others shown on the map below.




PLEASE COME TO THE PUBLIC HEARING ABOUT THIS PETITION at the Franklin Co. Area Planning Commission on Wednesday March 9th at 6:30 PM

Franklin County Government Center, Room 203
1010 Franklin Ave
Brookville, IN 47012

Help oppose the petition to rezone the property on Powell Road in Franklin County

A study conducted by “Padgett and Johnson finds that homes within 0.5 mile of a CAFO decrease in value by 40%, and homes within 1.0 mile decrease in value by 30%, within 1.5 miles by 20%, and within 2.0 miles by 10%”.  ~ William J. Weida, The CAFO: Implications for Rural Economies in the U.S. 1 (Colo. College & GRACE Factory Farm Project 2004) (citing Padgett & Johnson).

Notice has been published of an application to change the zoning of the farm located at 15171 Powell Road from RE (recreational) and R-1 (residential) to A-2 (agricultural). Conventional agriculture is permissible on RE and R-1, but a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) is not permitted in R-1.The owner has publicly stated interest in a CAFO and that is the presumed reason for the rezone petition. This map shows the location of this property and its proximity to homes, businesses, and the lake.  A CAFO at this location will have a potential negative economic and environmental impact on the surrounding area; a populated, tourist destination.

It is not our intent to oppose CAFO farming practices, but to express concern over this location and the impact it will have on local homes and businesses

It is imperative that you express your opposition to this petition. In order to prevent rezoning we need to prove that the neighborhood will be harmed.

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